Kind Like Christ Challenge

Primary Activity for November 2020

Challenge Supporting Information
Compliment a friend
Weed or Rake leaves for a neighbor
Bring a neighbors’ garbage cans in
Donate to the food bank
Include a new friend in an activity
Hold the door open for someone
Write down 3 things you love about YOU
Ask someone how they are feeling
Pray for someone and know you are heard
Smile at 5 people
Learn a song about kindness
Make a list of your talents and choose one to share
Do a chore for someone without them knowing
Tell someone how much you love them
Let someone have a turn before you
Be kind to someone who is not kind to you
Write a kind note to your teacher
Read a book to a family member
Set the table for dinner
Watch a video about kindness
Donate used books to DI or the library
Help someone laugh
Sing a song for someone
Talk with your family about kindness. For ideas go to:
Color and deliver a picture to an elderly neighbor
Give an extra hug to your parents
Take the Kindness quiz at:
Leave a happy note somewhere. For ideas see:
Do the bean activity with family or friends:
Clean your room without being asked
Send a card to a missionary or service member
Pick up trash around town
Make it a "glad" day
Ask someone to tell you a story from their life
Make a get well card for someone
Call your grandparents
Return a cart at the store
Help make dinner
Wave and smile at cars going by
Write an uplifting chalk message in your neighborhood