Remembering Christ

A personal experience shared to remind us of how we must all seek to become as little children” in our trust, faith, and worship of our Savior:

Also, thought I’d share something with you...After my last meeting in SLC yesterday, I took a few minutes to stop by the visitor center Christus. 

 As a child, it was always a much anticipated event to visit the Christus after a long cross-country drive from Mississippi. It was just something very special to me.

 While reflecting on life’s blessings and watching the missionaries about their work, a mother and her young daughter, maybe 4 years old, sat on a bench near me. 

 Without hesitation the little girl jumped to her feet, ran to the statue, and stood, very tiny, looking up to the image of the Savior with his head bowed. 

 She then dropped to her knees to pray. It was a touching moment. I think all present wiped away a few tears. The faith of a child…it was precious. 

 A good reminder of what we’re about...see below.

Child kneeling before Christ.png