Saturday Adult Session

Salem Utah Stake : Sept 2014

luggage.jpgPresident Bish Christensen

2nd Counselor - Stake Presidency

President Christensen reminded us of the baggage we carry in our lives, the distractions that keep us from enjoying our journey and being free to be lead by the spirit of the Lord.


red marble.jpg
President Brad Gordon
1st Counselor - Stake Presidency
 President Gordon reminded us how we “can make a difference” in the lives of those around us.  Simple and small acts of kindness can bless others far greater than we know.  The story of the Three Red Marbles teaches us this principle. 
lamp.jpgPresident David V. Clare
Stake President
President Clare reviewed the invitations and promises of the Lord over the past 3 years - Stake Vision, LIahona Principles, Fortify your homes, and was directed to Matthew 25.  The Ten Virgins - The parable of Talents - ultimately leading to our use of the oil and our talents - to care for the poor and needy - to Love one Another as the Savior loves us.