Family District Leaders

Building a Zion Community

As a Ward Welfare Specialist (Family District Leader), you work under the direction of the Bishop through the Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society organizations. The Bishop is responsible for every family in the Ward – to ensure every family is watched over and cared for. Your primary responsibility is to love and watch over those within your neighborhood district.

When you are set apart, you will function as Ward Welfare Specialists (Handbook 2 6.2.5) (Brothers),  Visiting Coordinators (Handbook 2: 9.2.5), and Compassionate Service Coordinator (Sisters only - Handbook 2: 9.2.5) for your neighborhood district. This may sound like a lot, but it is simply to watch over your district – to love them as the Savior would love them.

Your responsibility is to seek revelation in how to create a Zion community with your neighbors - inviting every family in the district to develop greater love, trust, and purpose in working together. You are not expected to do everything, but rather create an atmosphere of friendship, gathering, and service. For example, when you discover a sickness or a need for service, you would invite families within the district to offer assistance and love – either individually or collectively. Involving all families in the neighborhood becomes natural because it is neighbors helping neighbors.

Scheduling regular neighbor gatherings will help you create a more comfortable sharing atmosphere. Some district gatherings may only involve couples/adults in one of the homes of the district to talk about upcoming activities, share a dessert, and review neighborhood needs. Other district gatherings may include all family members to enjoy an evening of food and games. Organizing district gatherings – inviting all neighbors into our homes – will bring beautiful fruits of love, unity, and service. The spirit will guide you as you prayerfully seek ways to involve and invite all the families within your district to reach out and love one another more.