Family Districts

Building a Zion Community

The purpose of Family Districts are to establish a structure of love, caring, strengthening and serving in a neighbor setting to invite everyone to participate and live the principles of Self Reliance and the Gospel of Jesus Christ more fully together. The fruits of the family district are to become more aware of each other, to love, reach out and strengthen each other, to pray for one another, to prepare and protect each other, and to lift and serve one another. Everyone needs to feel loved, nourished by the good word of God, given an opportunity to serve, and to be strengthened through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

The structure of family districts also provides an ideal organization to effectively live welfare principles with neighbors – actively working together to become prepared in gardening, food storage, emergency preparation, employment needs, and self-reliance principles. Family Districts are inclusive and expansive – inviting everyone to participate – to draw upon the talents of the whole - and when everyone feels cared for – they reach out to other districts and families.