Doctrines of Home Teaching

So many times we are taught “how important” home teaching is, but we are rarely taught “how to do” home teaching. We understand that there is “no greater calling than home teaching”, but no one is teaching us how to magnify our callings . Ironically, who is really “teaching” home teachers how to be home teachers? We know that there is great power in this sacred priesthood stewardship, why then do we live “far beneath our privileges” to this power?

“Brethren, home teaching is not just another program. It is the priesthood way of watching over the Saints and accomplishing the mission of the Church. Home teaching is not just an assignment. It is a sacred calling. Home teaching is not to be undertaken casually. A home teaching call is to be accepted as if extended to you personally by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Savior Himself was a teacher. The only perfect man to walk the face of the earth was a humble, dedicated, inspired teacher who brought to His followers salvation and exaltation. Oh, that all the brethren of the Church would catch that vision of home teaching! There is no greater Church calling than that of a home teacher. There is no greater Church service rendered to our Father in Heaven’s children than the service rendered by a humble, dedicated, committed home teacher. “   President Ezra Taft Benson - May 1987 – “To the Home Teachers of the Church”

“God called us [as Home Teachers] to watch over and help people in all their struggles for physical and spiritual well-being. He called us to help by the Spirit. He called us to teach by the Spirit. He called us to live what we teach. He called us to bear testimony. He called us to love. “ Elder Henry B. Eyring, Ensign, May 1988, p. 39.

We invite every home teacher to prayerfully read the principles contained within the doctrine of home teaching. We testify they are true.

The Salem Utah Stake Presidency