Spiritual & Temporal 2017

December 2017 Temporal Challenge

Nov 22, 2017

Try your hand at sprouting!  It’s fun and adds nutrition to your foods.  Sprouting  can give you a source of greens in times of emergency.


Sprouting seeds and grains rather than cooking or grinding them into flour provides a natural source of vitamins and enzymes.

(See online October 1999 Ensign, Random Sampler, “Sprouting Beans, Grains, and Seeds”)


Rotate your seed storage, as fresh seeds tend to be more viable than those stored for long periods of time.  When sprouting, place proper amount of seeds and water in a wide-mouthed bottle and soak at least 8 to 12 hours.

After soaking, cover bottle with a piece of nylon stocking, net, or fiberglass window screening.  Hold in place with an elastic band or a regular bottle ring so air and water can pass through freely.  Pour water in jar and gently shake.  Pour off water, and lay jar on its side in a dark place.  Repeat this two or three times a day.

Seeds Sprouting in Two Days:

Use 2 cups per quart (approximately 1 liter).

Rye (500 grams)

Wheat (180 grams)

Beans (360 grams)

Rice (400 grams)

Oats (500 grams)

Seeds Sprouting in Three to Five Days:

Use the following quantities per quart (approximately 1 liter):

Alfalfa (1 tablespoon [18 grams])

Lentils 92 tablespoons [30 grams])

Clover (2 tablespoons [30 grams])

Mung Beans (2 tablespoons [30 grams])

Garbanzo beans (1/2 cup [120 grams])

Suggestions for using Sprouts:

Mix sprouts into casseroles, nut loaves, meat loaves, poultry dressing, vegetable salads, gelatin salads, soups, stews, egg dishes, soufflés, scrambled eggs.  For bread dough, use sprouts from wheat, rye, or oats.

In soups, stews, and omelets, add sprouts just before serving.  Navy bean, soybean, and pinto bean sprouts should be cooked.

Most sprouts make a fine crisp salad or sandwich filling when served with a dressing made from cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, avocadoes, cooked sprouts, mashed beans or cheese spread.

Alfalfa and lentil sprouts make an excellent salad when used alone or with leafy salad vegetables.  Use the dressing of your choice on such a salad.

(Source:  “Essentials of Home Production & Storage” page 14, Published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)

 Ensign February 1977 Random Sampler – “Sprout It Out” -

A warm environment will cause the seeds to sprout more quickly. The more frequently the seeds are washed with water, the less problem there is with mold and the more rapidly the sprouts grow. However, washing the seeds twice a day is a good compromise between rapid sprouting and convenience.

We should warn you that corn sprouts do not taste good, and soy bean sprouts should not be eaten raw. (John M. Hill, Chairman, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Brigham Young University)