Spiritual & Temporal 2015

Relief Society Spiritual & Temporal Goals : 2015

June: Salem Stake Spiritual Challenge, by South Valley View Ward

May 19, 2015

“What e're thou art, act well thy part.”

Please go to  lds.org/broadcast/archive/ces-devotional/2012/01 to listen to a talk given by Elder Quentin L. Cook a member of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles,entitled  “Act Well Your Part.”

As summer comes, and as we may be taking on the part of a tourist or traveler, may our actions and activities never cease to reflect that we are disciples of Christ.

June:  Salem Stake Temporal Challenge Wheat

Store a minimum of 150 lbs. of wheat for each member of your family for a one year supply of food.  The six gallon buckets will hold 45 lbs.

Incorporate at least 2 cups of wheat in your diet weekly to help your body be accustomed to it so you will rotate and know how to use it.

Each 45lb,/6 gallon bucket of hard white wheat contains about 220, ¼ cup servings (of untouched wheat berries.)

When ground, each wheat bucket would produce about 164 cups of flour.

*Note: Different types of wheat, will produce more or less flour depending on the grain.

With a 45lb,/6 gallon bucket of wheat, you would have enough wheat to make one of the following:

112 ½ : ½ cup serving of cooked wheat berries Great when used like a cereal

 Can be used like cooked  rice

Can grind it up, and add it to your ground beef  to extend it.

27: 4-6 servings of “Wheat Meat” (see email addresses below) eatingrules.com/how-to-make-seitan/    and www.wikihow.com/Make-Wheat-Gluten

54:  loaves of bread- using 3 cups of flour   ( for recipe and costs, go to this email  address below)     happymoneysaver.com/happyhomesteading-making-bread-from-scratch/

84:  batches of 8 soaked tortillas (for recipe go to the email address below) www.weedemandreap.com/homemade-soaked-tortillas/

27: batches of 6 servings of pasta or 164 single servings ( see email address below for recipe) www.food.com/recipe/whole-wheat-pasta-noodles-440451

54: batches of pancakes,each batch making 6 servings ( see email address below for recipe)


65: batches of muffins, each batch making about 15 muffins. (see email address below for recipe) www.melskitchencafe.com/whole-wheat-diner-muffins/

Wheat can also be sprouted, and or planted to make wheat grass, to add greens to your diet.

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