Spiritual & Temporal 2015

Relief Society Spiritual & Temporal Goals : 2015

July Challenge: Title of Liberty & Rice/Grains

Jun 26, 2015

Read the Declaration of Independence with your family in Family Home Evening. Then read the story of the Title of Liberty in Alma 46. Discuss. Bear testimony.

This month we are encouraged to focus on storage of rice and other grains. Rice is pretty simple to store, and you can focus on the varieties of rice you like in the amounts that you and your family will eat. In our Ward we are going to emphasize corn, specifically cornmeal. It seems appropriate to focus on this truly American grain in the month of July.
 The best way to store corn for cornmeal is to store popcorn. Popcorn makes a great treat, of course, but you can grind the popcorn into cornmeal that is better than the cornmeal you buy. It is more nutritious, and it tastes better. Plus, the popcorn will store well for many years without going rancid. (Be cautious: not all grinders can grind corn. Please check your owners manual.) Cornbread is a very quick and forgiving bread to make in a time of trial. There are both savory and sweet options.
 Here are a couple of challenges: just a “bite” if that's all you can do this month; also a “stretch” if you can and want to do more. 
  • BITE: Make cornbread.
  • STRETCH: Store popcorn for your family, and grind some for your cornbread. (10 lbs. of popcorn will make one batch of cornbread/day for almost a month.)


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