Spiritual & Temporal 2015

Relief Society Spiritual & Temporal Goals : 2015

January Spiritual & Temporal Goal

Feb 02, 2015

Spiritual Challenge:  

Set a simple goal for the New Year that will help to fortify your home and family.

Temporal Challenge:

Check your storage for needed medicines and first aid supplies.

Being prepared temporally for a first aid emergency or medical condition can be a little daunting.  It times of emergency, medical help may not be as available as what we are used to.    When ye are prepared ye shall not fear doesn’t ring truer than in medical situations.  The more we know, the more comfortably and confidently we can act in emergency situations.  

There is no way that everything can be covered in this short handout.  The hope is that it can help you to evaluate your current situation and take the steps to become better prepared and more self-reliant.

First Aid Kits-Do you currently have a first aid kit?  Where is it?  Who knows where it is?  When was the last time you restocked it?  Do you know how to use everything in your kit?

First Aid kits come in many sizes.  A great idea is to have a larger more extensive kit that is stored in a durable container in a safe place in your home.  Make sure everyone knows where this is. Make sure to use the items in the kit now to treat any minor injuries or illnesses that occur.  This will help you stay aware of what you have in the kit and help to rotate the supplies as well.  It is also a great idea to store first aid kits in your car and a pocket size one for your purse.

A great idea is to have a small first aid book inside your kit.  That way if you have an incident that you are unsure how to handle you can quickly find out.   No matter how comprehensive your medical kit it can be useless or even harmful if you don’t know how to use it safely.

A good resource for first aid kit lists is http://www.redcross.org/prepare.  They offer a lot of other information as well to help be more prepared.

GOAL:  If you already have a first aid kit in your home and car, make sure that it is well stocked.  Plan to do go through it twice a year.  (Mark it on your calendar or set it as an event in your phone so you will be reminded).  If you don’t have one, work towards gathering the supplies you need or buy an already made kit.

Medicines-Being prepared with our medications can be something that takes a lot more planning and preparation.  Most insurances will only pay for one month of prescription medications at a time and many doctors may not prescribe more than a month’s supply at a time.  Although there were some ideas that I found online that people suggested, I think the best option is to talk to your doctor about yours and your family’s specific situation.  Be open with your doctor about what you are trying to do and see what options he/she might have to be prepared with your prescription medications.  Over the counter medications are also an important thing to have on hand in case of an emergency.  Make sure that these are rotated regularly.  

GOAL: Have a plan for each family member’s medication needs in case of emergency.   Next time you go to the Doctor ask about your options for having an emergency supply.

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