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Relief Society Spiritual & Temporal Goals : 2015

April Spiritual & Temporal Goal

Apr 02, 2015

April’s Salem Stake:  Temporal and Spiritual Challenge

Spiritual Challenge: Prayer and Personal Revelation

Temporal Challenge: Garden Seeds and Supplies 

Dear Salem Stake Members,

This months SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE is on Prayer and Personal Revelation.

In D&C 88:119 we are encouraged to:”Organize ourselves, prepare every needful thing and establish a house, even a house of prayer, fasting, faith, of learning, of glory,of order, or God...etc.” 

Ensign Article to study: June 2013, Pg.36 -Improving Your Personal Prayers (Love this article!!!)  Also: Watch and Re-listen to Womans’ & General Conference.

This month as you pray let us focus on not only saying the prayer, but also taking the time to stop, meditate and ponder. As we are specific in our petitions to the Lord, he can then bless us as we take the time to stop and listen for answers to those prayers. Let us focus on the promptings that we are given, the thoughts we have and the feelings that the spirit will impress upon us.

 TEMPORAL CHALLENGE: Garden Seeds and Supplies

Take some time to research something new to plant or improve your methods of what you are already doing.

Take the time to plan out your garden spot (no matter how big or small it may be). Then you will know what seeds you need to start shopping for. Whether you are a master gardener or a beginner planning is the key. Now is the time to start looking for sales on seeds and garden supplies. keep an eye out and let your neighbors know about them when you see a great deal.

If you have the means, some type of green house, and or warm south window space, you can start your seeds now and get them sprouting so they are ready to plant later in May.

Store some for later. You can always buy excess enough for next year so that you have a years supply and just store them in air and moisture tight containers in your freezer.

 Enjoy the Beauty of Spring!!!

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