Stake Baptisms - Frequently Asked Questions

Dec 22, 2017

  • Who oversees the baptisms in our Stake? The Stake Primary Presidency and High councilman over Primary oversee the baptisms.  They plan and schedule the times and rooms assigned to the wards.  Each ward is assigned a room (Chapel, Relief Society room, Aaronic Priesthood room and Young Women room) and a time for their baptisms (9:00, 10:15- this may vary).  This is done a month before your baptism.  Wards that have 3 or more children are in the Chapel.  Please know that requesting a time or room is not encouraged because of our large Stake.
  • Who plans the program of the baptism? Your Bishop and Primary President plan the program for your ward; prayers, talks, testimonies and musical numbers etc. Work with them on any questions you might have about who you want to participate in this.  Your baptism will last 1 hour or less. You will meet in your assigned room for these things and then be taken to the font for the baptism and then go back to the room you were in to finish up your program.
  • When will I know where what my assigned time is and where to meet and what to do at the Church?  Your Primary President will let you know the details (time and room) of your baptism about 3 weeks before the baptism.   The Stake will send a letter to your child 1-2 weeks before the scheduled date to let you know information about when to be there for clothing and what to expect.  A couple from our Stake is called to help with clothing the day of baptisms.
  • Who will set up the room that the baptism is in?  If your ward is the first baptism of the day, your ward will oversee putting up the chairs for the baptism.  If your ward is the last baptism of the day, you will need to put the chairs away.  The rooms will be vacuumed and cleaned before you arrive. 
  • What if we have a lot of guests coming and so do the other families in the ward?  We use the largest rooms in the Stake center and they accommodate a lot of guests.  If there are 3 or more children in your ward we try to put the ward in the Chapel.  If there are 4 or more children to be baptized your bishop may decide to do 2 different sessions with your ward. To accommodate large families in the font room your bishop may have each family in the ward go to the font separately so that all guests can fit.   
  • Can I have my own baptism?  Your Stake and Ward leaders try to make your child’s day as special as possible. Your child and their friends from Primary will be baptized together.  We highly discourage Special/Individual Baptisms because we try to make each baptism special.  The First Presidency has counseled, “Members should not request special or individual times or prescribe the content of baptismal services.” (Handbook 2, Administering the Church 2010;Section 10.3.4 pg. 170). Please feel free to discuss this with your bishop if you have additional questions.
  • What if I want to schedule the Gym or Pavilion for after my child’s baptism?  Using the Gym or Pavilion is available only if your ward is at the latest baptism time.  Teresa Boden is the building scheduler and she will know if there is availability and you must schedule this with her. Her # is (801-423-2175). If you use either of these places, please keep reverence in the building and clean up after yourselves.  You will be responsible to make sure the building is locked up.
  • What if I have a conflict with the time I am assigned or the date of the Stake baptism?  If you can’t get baptized the month you turn 8 that is ok.  We have baptisms once a month, so it is very easy to move to the next month.  Just talk with your Primary President and let her know when you can do it and she will let the Stake know. 

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