Letter for Families of child turning 8

Nov 25, 2018

Families with child turning 8 letter.pdf

Congratulations! Your child is turning 8 this year. This is a very exciting and special time for your family. We know you will have lots of questions about your special day. Here are a few things about what to expect for your baptism and some information that you might have questions about.

We have 12 wards in our Salem Stake. Our Stake is very large and some of our wards are very full. We try our best to make your baptism special for your child. We suggest that you have a special FHE lesson with your child to prepare them to make these sacred covenants. Teach them about baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and practice where your hands go for the baptism, so they are not nervous about this.

We have a Stake Website at The dates for the stake baptisms are on this site under the “Stake Organizations” tab in the “Primary” section. There are also some frequently asked questions and information you will probably want to know before your baptism day.

As a Stake Primary Presidency, we are so proud of your child. We are excited for this special day and for your child to make these sacred covenants with Heavenly Father as they are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. They are becoming the newest members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We love you and know your day will be filled with the Spirit and love of our Savior.



The Salem Stake Primary Presidency 

Allison Bigler, President                         801-885-0567                  

Monica Bambrough, 1st Counselor             801-836-7892

Jodie Van Tassell, 2nd C Counselor            801-319-8962                  

MarjAnn Ober, Secretary                       801-995-5369

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