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Remember the Hand of God

Oct 02, 2018

As I traveled up to the top of Woodland Hills tonight to look upon the mountains, I was reminded again of how the miracles of God saved us. I was reminded of our united prayers and faith. I was reminded of love, service, caring, and Zion. I was reminded of the rainbows.

There is no question that God has preserved us, and we have all witnessed his hand. As we have prayed for rain upon the land, He has heard our prayers. We now again stand at His mercy and trust in His divine will.  The rains will come… the snow will blanket the land this winter…. we cannot live in fear. We must live in faith and trust in Him. 

We have put our faith into action and filled tens of thousands of bags of sand. We have labored together as neighbors and as a community. We have re-dedicated our homes and our hearts. God is a God of miracles and faith precedes the miracle. It is now time to live in faith.

This weekend is sacred, and we will hear the voice of God through His servants. I have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the sacred witnesses we have received and the invitations to “cheerfully do all things that lie in our power and then stand still, with the utmost assurance to see the salvation of God and for his arm to be revealed.” (D&C 123:17). 

I feel it is a time of re-dedication for the entire stake and I feel this week and weekend is that sacred opportunity to receive the revelations of God. I feel directed to D&C 88: 119-126 again. This came strongly when we received the Stake Vision. It has come again even stronger at this time. I feel the direct invitation from the Lord to invite every person and family to read and ponder these verses and to prayerfully ask the Lord what they are to do in their lives and homes to act upon the impressions that will come.

I would like to invite the stake family to have a special prayer today (Tuesday Oct. 2nd at noon).  To thank the Lord for His blessings, His miracles, and His will – and if it be His will to preserve us and protect us. To prayerfully strengthen our faith, prepare our hearts, and to trust him with everything we have.

The rains will come, we will experience trials of our faith, because God wants to increase our faith, but God has already shown us He knows us and loves us. Isaiah 41:10 is His promises to us… “Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness”

I love you…. Pres. Clare

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