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Remember and Record

Sep 18, 2018

Dear Bishops, can you please send this to every member of our Stake.

 I have felt a strong impression to “remember and never forget the miracles of God” in the past week.  While we are continuing to see miracles today, we will continue to seek them each day, I have felt strongly that we are to record the miracles that we have witnessed.  As we record them, it is a sign of our gratitude for His tender mercies.  We will compile them and prepare a record of our gratitude and love for the hand of God in our lives.  Please have each family record any miracles, testimony, or experience they feel directed to record… have them write it down and in a later date, we will send an email where they can send their testimonies and miracles.   But please have them record what they have experienced while It is fresh on our hearts…..  I know the Lord knows this stake…. He heard our prayers today…. We are so very, very blessed.  

Love you….Pres. Clare, Gordon, Christensen.

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