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Week 14: Passover in Exodus

Find free download of James Faulconer’s Scripture Study here:  Find a free download of John W Welch’s Charting the Book of…

Week 13: Joseph and Judah

Joseph and Judah
Free PDF of the book, "Temples of the Ancient World," edited by Donald W. Parry.…

Week 8: 10 Trials of Abraham

10 Trials of Abraham
Handouts ten trials of abraham pirke de rabbi eleazar.docx abraham exodus parallels.docx

Week 5 : Genesis 4-5 : A Man had Two Sons : Two Ways : Two Cities

(NOTE: This version has the audio at the whiteboard increased some to make up for me not plugging in the mic to the camera.)

Adult Institute - Old Testament 2022

Class taught by Rebecca Holt Stay
Institute is on a summer break.  Weekly classes are not currently being held. Find the full playlist of past class videos on YouTube…